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SATECH Security provides excellent high-quality Security systems installation and maintenance solutions to major clients in London, and to a few places in Europe. We operate in various industries; these include contracts with Restaurants, Schools,  Hotels, High-end Residential, Domestic and many other customers in the city.

Our Services

CCTV Systems

Security matters, so having the right equipment of surveillance, it’s a smart way of monitoring your premises; preventing intrusion and making you feel safer both day and night.

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Satech Security offers a wide range on the latest technology in CCTV systems. Satech work with the best brands on the market of security. We offer a wide range of choices on CCTV systems available to be installed internally and externally adapting to the customer’s needs and specification. The best and most professional way to keep homes and business safer.

We combined IP, Analog and Cloud-based systems which help you to have a peace of mind. Our systems comply with British Standards and also European Standards.

CCTV Systems Provided:

  • IP
  • Analog Cloud Base
  • Monitoring 24/7

Fire Alarms

The importance of fire control has grown exponentially in the past few years, as many unfortunate accidents have happened in the UK. Thus, our commitment is to help to prevent any disaster which can involve loses of all types.

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Our systems and installations are strictly regulated and, in our services, always we are conscious of the measures to maintain and preserve. We offer installations and maintenance services, including 24/7 call-outs, to offer always prior survey on site.

Fire alarms systems are vital in helping to detect any dangerous situations providing warning and allowing for actions to be taken immediately. Depending on your premises, you must have the appropriate fire detection system according to UK fire alarm regulations. That is why to meet our customer’s needs and requirements, Satech Security has to offer a wide range of the latest technologies in fire detection, life safety system solutions and gas suppression under the latest regulations.

In conjunction with our well-trained team of professionals, we are confident to deliver our customers effective solutions, both technical and cost-effective for you peace of mind.

Fire Alarm Systems can be divided into four categories:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable
  • Analogue Addressable
  • Wireless systems

Conventional Fire Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm is designed to detect and alert to any signs of fire within a premise. This system control panel is wired in zones to a number of detectors and call points, and in case of any signs of fire (such as heat or smoke), a signal will be sent to the control panel to set off the alarm showing in which area of the building the fire is detected.

A minimum of two sounder circuits are wired to

The Control Panel which could contain audible devices electronic sounder or bells. Each circuit has an end of line device which is used for monitoring purposes.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

An addressable system detection it is similar to a Conventional System; however, the Addressable Control Panel uses an intelligent programming system to determine precisely which call point OR detector has initiated the alarm. The advantage of this system is that in the event of a fire, it would help you to save valuable time.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems is often referred to as an Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems. There are a variety of different types of Analogue Systems available in the market which are defined by the type of protocol which they use. This system can raise a warning of a developing hazard assigning the individual device emitting the alarm. It helps to allocate the spread of a fire by individual detectors reporting the conditions of their zone, allowing immediate evacuation response.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarm systems are the most frequent customer’s preference nowadays, as it works with the most advance technology facilitating the integration into a smart home adjusting to various software applications.

Intruder Alarms

Are you looking for a system of intrusion and detection that provides, security and safety to your business and family? We have a wide range of solutions to adapt to your best needs…

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also the integration of simultaneous devices to the intruder alarm, which allows you to check in real-time the condition and health of your system.

The technology of the intrusion is getting smarter and smarter, and we are in the same wave as this valuable tool. Intruder alarms systems are solutions to detect and prevent intrusion or unauthorised entry.

If you just forgot to put the alarm at your property and you are already away, that is not a problem; you can set-up your alarm by an App in seconds.

We provide also monitoring and maintenance contracts, please ask us about different ways of monitoring in your properties.

Intrusion and alert services:

Lone workers:

Lone workers have a central receiver which is well-mounted on the premises of your business. The system consists of one or more lone worker displaying a number of indicators, a sounder and a reset button which when activated the indicator lights on and the sounder starts then transmitting an alarm signal back to a central receiver. The alarm is cancelled by pressing the reset button on the primary receiver.

How does the system work’s

Lone workers have a central receiver which is well-mounted on the premises of your business. The system consists of one or more lone worker displaying a number of indicators, a sounder and a reset button which when activated the indicator lights on and the sounder starts then transmitting an alarm signal back to a central receiver. The alarm is cancelled by pressing the reset button on the primary receiver.

Access Control

For most companies, choosing an access control system determines an essential factor of financial investment for their business but at the same time implementing an access control system has the bonus of additional security without needing time-consuming administration.

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Therefore, implementing a system that is entirely reliable, warranted, professional, and that it matches your requirements is essential.

Access Control Systems, are categorised in three types, which is the right for you?

1 – Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

When this system is used, permissions are performed according to functions and functions are assigned to users. Moreover, administrators can centrally manage and control functions, making this model is user-friendly.

2 – discretionary access control (DAC)

The user has access to control all the systems files programs directly. This system of access always gives opens all the doors.

3 – mandatory access control (MAC)

When MAC is the method used, a system, hardware component, or software component is applied to restrict access using password or keypad.


If you are looking for a door entry system or an intercom system for your property or business, you got to the perfect place; we have a solution that it is exactly right for you. Satech’s specialist can provide you with expert advice to make sure you choose a model that suits your needs.

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Our excellent range of door entry systems and intercoms can even work with your smartphone or tablet – which means you can see who is at your door, from where ever you are. In our spectrum of solutions includes audio and video systems, wired and wireless intercom systems some which vary from easy-to-operate domestic models to sophisticated systems that can be installed across a large site such.

Wireless Door Entry

These systems are generally known to as front door intercom systems, front door buzzer systems as well as voice/video doorbell systems. There is a wide range of door entry systems on the market which can easily be adapted to your needs, giving you great choice and flexibility.

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  • Biometric door access control systems
  • Electronic card, key fob door entry systems or badge
  • Mobile phone and internet door entry systems
  • Video door entry system
  • Audio buzzer system

It works as a doorbell and intercom to give you control over who enters the site, and it simultaneously functions as a security system for controlling staff access throughout the premises.

Network Cabling and Installation

We provide all types of cable network installation as well as maintain your property cabling infrastructure to facilitate optimum performance. With our fully trained team of engineers, we aim to provide an excellent affordable service to help you choose or design the best cabling solutions for your business or property.

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Whether you need more points a designed whole new network cabling installation or adding to your existing cable network.

We are fully certified to install: Date cabling -Fibre Optics – Wifi Cabling – Electrical – CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, copper cabling, or single-mode / multimode Optic Fibre cabling.

We provide the following network cabling services:

  • Network cable maintenance
  • Structured cabling installation
  • Structured cabling upgrades

Mobile Phone control Systems Integration

As new technologies are rapidly emerging, using a mobile device to control premises securely, has become more than a trend, a necessity, not only like an alternative to physical access property systems at your convenience but a smart way to manage the safety and security of your family and assets.

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Mobile access control uses mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and wearable electronic devices, enabling to operate as a user’s credentials becoming an excellent tool to work as an extra layer of security to your property.

By implementing mobile technology, benefit through the facility of use, effectiveness, and money value.

  • Access Technologies – This system includes developments in door entry, access control, and time management technologies.
  • Communications Technologies – Converged on tracking changes in the device to device exchange improvements in communications.
  • Video Technologies – Focused on development in the CCTV industry, which includes advanced analytics.

Annual Maintenance Contract Services

Maintenance is essential to comply with new regulations, governing the safe operation of any systems as well as ensuring your family and business is secure and protected at all times.
We recommend regular maintenance and servicing for both wired and wireless systems to prevent expensive repair costs.

People Counter Solutions

People Counting Solutions is a system designed to measure the number of people as they enter and exit a building or passage; helping to monitor and restrict the flow of people through your premises.

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We work with the latest technology in the market to deliver a smart and efficient way to comply with social distancing measures in place to provides safety and reassurance to your staff, customers and the public.

Our people counters technology provide high accuracy information
used to deliver at all levels of businesses safer environment to minimise the spread of infection.
This is a complete system integrated with smart sensor displaying visible and audible warnings messages in the case of over-occupancy visible on-screen instructing to enter or wait.

Ideal for:

  • Retail
  • Commercial premises
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Libraries, museums and places of worship
  • Waiting rooms and reception areas
  • Restrooms and smoking areas

Electrical Installation Services

Our company specialises in all electrical installations and repairs, by providing high-quality workmanship, we deliver total customer satisfaction covering everything from general electrics installations, electrical design, upgrades, replacements or repairs.

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We take on projects from start to completion whether it is a domestic household, a commercial property or building refurbishment.

  • Full or partial rewiring for residential and commercial premises
  • Fuse board replacement
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Smart lighting and home automation
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Electrical surveys
  • Electrical testing
  • Annual Maintenance

EICR & Electrical Safety Certificates

All our work is certified, we offer electrical testing, electrical installation condition reports and electrical safety report; we are complying with building regulations suitable for homeowners, landlords, or commercial properties.

We can assist you with any electrical work, and you can request for any quotation if there is a service that is not listed above.

Security Systems

Analog Cloud Base

Door Entry

Biometric door access control systems

Intruder Alarms

System of intrusion and detection

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Guarantee services

Fire Alarms

According to UK fire alarm regulations.

Access Control

High-quality integrated systems.


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